With one year of nursing experience under my belt…

I’m starting my last quarter of my bachelors program. I’ll finally be Ben Cachapero, BSN when I graduate this December. And with my two-step degree finished, I’m ready for my next step. Come January, I’m motivated to be preparing for my nurse practitioner applications: re-writing my statements, write my application essays, take the GREs, acquire recommendations, volunteer at clinics. This’ll probably take longer than a year, but whatever. Meanwhile, I’ll work as an ICU RN. RIght? 

The program that I’m really interested in is Adult-Gerontological Acute Care Nurse Practitioner programs. Hopefully, by the age of 30, I’ll be practicing as Ben Cachapero, RN, ACNP. 

A lot of people say after their BSN, they’re done with school for good. But I’m excited to keep on going, learning, understanding medicine more intricately. I’m excited to become an NP, but it’ll take a good while. 

A guy can dream right?

SOOO glad I moved to Wisconsin…

because my car insurance has dramatically decreased. :D Too happy right now. hahahaha And my Allstate agent was horrendously hot. Ok. Back to my 1/2 liter of wine mixed with ginger ale and Queer as Folk. 

Happy friday to me!! Work tomorrow. :3